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As your personal agent we represent your best interests with the IRS & State taxing authorities with one goal: quick, effective, tax debt relief. As your Power of Attorney, we ensure you are protected as we guide you through the complexities of your tax case. All communication is done through our office allowing you to go about your daily business without the stress of owing state and federal taxes.

Timberline Tax Group places focus on our client’s unique financial situations. Whether you are a business or an individual, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced Power of Attorney on your side while you navigate through the tax resolution process. We work hard to resolve your tax debt with urgency and ensure you get the best representation possible.

Our staff specializes in negotiating the best possible resolution for each client. This may be in the form of a standard installment agreement, a partial-pay installment agreement, a currently not-collectible status, or even a tax settlement through an Offer In Compromise. Timberline Tax Group also provides representation for more complex tax issues such as a discharge of a federal or state tax lien, business restructuring, and trust fund penalty assessment. Unlike some others, our staff has the experience to pro-actively handle anything that may come up in regards to your IRS and state tax debt. Timberline Tax Group utilizes the tax code to offer protection and work in your favor to resolve your tax debt fully.

Whether you are looking to gain tax compliance, negotiate a release of bank levy, or just need a Power of Attorney for general tax purposes, contact Timberline Tax Group today for a free consultation.

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Investigation Phase

We initiate client protection with taxing authorities and personally review your situation for resolution options.

Resolution Phase

We help you establish IRS and/or State tax compliance and negotiate the best solution.

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