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Success Stories

  A taxpayer from Minnesota hired Timberline for account protection and resolution regarding personal federal tax liability from individual income taxes as well as back employment taxes from their business. The Associate immediately requested a hold on the account and completed a financial analysis. The Associate determined an Installment Agreement would be the best route

  A taxpayer in Forest City, North Carolina hired Timberline Tax Group to navigate the removal of an Accuracy Related Penalty on their Individual Income Tax Return dating back to 2013, in the amount of $117,543.70. Through thorough research of the Internal Revenue Manual and relevant court cases, the Enrolled Agent was able to abate

  A home health business in Birmingham, AL hired Timberline Tax Group for overall account protection with the best possible resolution as they were being heavily intimidated and levied by the Internal Revenue Service. The Associate assigned to the case requested a 60 day hold of enforced collection action to allow time to gather financial

  A non-profit in Wichita Falls, TX hired Timberline Tax Group to negotiate a reasonable Installment Agreement and to submit a Penalty Abatement Request in an effort to reduce their total overall liability.  The Associate immediately initiated a hold on enforcement, and subsequently negotiated an Installment Agreement.  Once this resolution was in place, a Penalty

  An advertising business in Pennsylvania hired Timberline for overall protection, account representation, and penalty removal.         The Associate assigned to the case immediately obtained a 60-day hold on enforcement. This strategy allowed the Associate time to analyze our client’s financial documentation and then to determine the most appropriate resolution. It was found that the

  An industrial business in Grand Rapids, Michigan hired Timberline to represent it for its IRS liability issues. The Enrolled Agent was able to quickly negotiate a standard payment plan on the account to ensure full compliance and protection. Once completed, the attention turned to the $18, 594.35 in assessed penalties. After months of negotiation

  A sales consultant out of California hired Timberline Tax Group for overall account management with the Internal Revenue Service. The taxpayer had previously been in an Installment Agreement that had defaulted. The taxpayer had a bankruptcy discharged and explained concern that the Form 1040 Tax Returns for tax years 2007 and 2008 had not

  A taxpayer from Alabama hired Timberline Tax for overall account protection and resolution. The taxpayer had previously submitted an Offer In Compromise that was denied and enforced action was pending on the account. The Enrolled Agent came in and reviewed the account and knew immediately the Offer In Compromise was not worth the effort

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