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Success Stories

A New England-based software company hired Timberline Tax Group to assist with overall account management. The business had accrued liabilities from several different tax forms and periods and had an approximate balance of $48,072.09 when they reached out to Timberline. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately secured a hold on enforced collection action

An engineering business located in Corona, California, hired Timberline to protect the business from enforcement action by the Internal Revenue Service.  The Enrolled Agent and team assigned to the case immediately obtained a 30-day hold on enforcement to allow time to gather our client’s financials which allowed time to determine the most appropriate resolution.  After

  An electric company in Oklahoma hired Timberline Tax Group to help resolve their tax liability and provide account protection from a very intimidating Revenue Officer who was threatening to shut the business down.  The Associate immediately requested a hold of enforced collection action while the financial information was reviewed. It was determined that an

  A safety equipment business in Louisiana hired Timberline Tax Group to help resolve their tax liability issues along with personal representation for possible Trust Fund assessments.  After months of back and forth negotiations between the Revenue Officer and the Associate, they ultimately came to a resolution on the business. The Associate then turned their

  Individual taxpayers from Selma, Alabama hired Timberline Tax Group to protect them from enforced collection action and to release an existing wage garnishment. Upon reviewing all pertinent financial documentation from the clients, the Associate assigned to the case effectively negotiated the full release of the garnishment. With the garnishment released, the taxpayer was able

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