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Success Stories

  An individual who resides in Pomona, New York hired Timberline Tax Group to assist in resolving her $23,000 federal income tax liability. Initially the taxpayer’s representative negotiated a currently not-collectible status with the Internal Revenue Service in order to hold off all Enforced Collection Action against the taxpayer. Once this was completed, it was

  A doctor from New York hired Timberline to handle an outstanding IRS tax liability of over $1.3 million.  At the time Timberline was hired, an aggressive IRS Revenue Officer was trying to place levies on the taxpayer’s bank accounts and pursue other aggressive Enforced Collection Action.  Timberline immediately initiate holds of enforcement and completed

  A small-business owner in Montana hired Timberline Tax Group to resolve his business and personal tax liabilities with the Internal Revenue Service.  Upon opening the case, we noticed that a balance for 2006 would soon expire and that the IRS was likely going to want to collect on that via tax levies, garnishments, or

A non-profit entity located in Kansas hired Timberline for overall protection, account representation, and penalty removal. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately obtained a 60-day hold on enforcement to allow time to gather the client’s financials which allowed us to determine the most appropriate resolution. It was found that the business was assessed

A pest management company in College Park, Maryland hired Timberline to protect the business from enforced collection action by the Internal Revenue Service. The Enrolled Agent pulled the business records and found that the IRS had filed substituted returns on eleven different periods of the Form 941, Federal Withholding Tax Return. The client was advised

A non-profit entity located in Aurora, Illinois hired Timberline Tax Group to assist in resolving its $340,000 tax liability owed to the IRS. The balance initially stemmed from payroll tax balances owed from 2012 through 2015; however, a civil penalty in the amount of $168,000 was assessed after representation was initiated to bring the overall

A self-employed truck driver in New Jersey accrued business payroll tax liability resulting in a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty against the driver individually.  The business was in an installment agreement, and a levy was in place against the driver’s Social Security income for $350 per month when Timberline obtained Power of Attorney. However, the business

An installation company in Massachusetts accrued business payroll tax liability, resulting in a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty against the business owner, who also had not filed his individual tax returns for several years.  Timberline was able to negotiate an extended stay of enforcement while he worked to file his individual tax returns.  After the returns

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