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Success Stories

  A Real Estate Agent residing in Washington, D.C. hired Timberline Tax Group to facilitate release of ongoing commission levies, which were placed on the account for eight months prior to Timberline’s involvement. The Enrolled Agent was able to secure a hold on any additional levy action while negotiations occurred to release the funds and

  A Recreation Vehicle Dealership in Kentucky hired Timberline for overall account representation and account resolution.  The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately obtained a 60-day hold on enforcement to allow time to gather and review the client’s financial information and determine the most appropriate account resolution.  After the financial analysis was complete and

  An individual taxpayer residing in Alabama hired Timberline to help protect his accounts from enforced collection action along with overall account representation. The taxpayer had previously submitted an Offer In Compromise that was denied and potential collection action was pending. The Enrolled Agent immediately reviewed the account and knew that the client did not

  A taxpayer residing in Westminster, Colorado reached out to us regarding his State of Colorado and IRS account issues for individual taxes due, including $4,095.00 to the state and $23,448.00 to the IRS. Once the Enrolled Agent was able to get the client compliant with his missing returns, liabilities of $6,006.00 and $26,402.92 were

  A taxpayer from West Virginia hired Timberline Tax for account representation and protection from the IRS. When initially retained, the Enrolled Agent determined there was an active Social Security garnishment on the account. Immediate actions were taken with the Revenue Officer and a full release was negotiated on the client’s behalf in lieu of

  A resident of Tulare, CA contacted Timberline Tax Group to help come to a resolution for the tax liabilities owed and stop enforced collection action by the Internal Revenue Service and State of California Franchise Tax Board. The state had recently issued a levy against the taxpayer’s account. The Associate began negotiating with the

  A self-employed carpet layer from Colorado hired Timberline to protect his personal account from enforced collection action while helping to reduce a liability of $126,000. After review of the client’s financial information, the Associate determined the best possible resolution would be an Offer In Compromise to settle the overall debt. To prevent any disruptions

  A taxpayer residing in Dallas, Texas hired Timberline Tax Group for overall account representation and resolution of tax liability. Upon review of the account, the Associate found that the taxpayer had recently defaulted an existing Installment Agreement due to a new liability. The Associate worked with the taxpayer to complete a financial statement and,

  A funeral home in Batesville, Mississippi hired Timberline to protect it from enforced collection action once a Revenue Officer was assigned to its account. The Enrolled Agent working on the case immediately determined the urgency of the protection and obtained a hold of enforcement while the company’s financial information was collected and reviewed. After

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