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Success Stories

  An individual residing in Towson, Maryland hired Timberline Tax Group to resolve a liability of approximately $50,000.00 of Form 1040, Individual Income Tax liabilities.  After significant negotiations with the IRS, a hold on all levy and lien action was established while the taxpayer’s financial condition was being prepared and reviewed. Through a Revenue Officer,

  A home health company hired Timberline tax for overall protection and negotiation of its past-due tax liability. It was determined that the business was in a manageable agreement; however, the owner of the business had been personally assessed with the Trust Fund Recovery Penalties from the company’s unpaid withholding taxes. The Enrolled Agent assigned

  A heavy equipment auction company in New Jersey hired Timberline to help protect the business and remove levies on their accounts. The Associate negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service on a liability due of approximately $377,000. After a full financial analysis and continued negotiations, the Revenue Officer agreed to an Installment Agreement of $2,500/month

  An individual residing in Virginia hired Timberline in March 2018 to manage a liability of $25,468.84. While the Associate was in negotiations on the taxpayer’s business account, the business owner’s personal case had also reached full assessment and was assigned in collections by the IRS. The Associate immediately took action and negotiated the personal

  A taxpayer from Virginia hired Timberline for overall account protection and representation. Over the year there have been returns filed and payments made by the client to become current and compliant while the Associate kept negotiations open with the Internal Revenue Service. This ensured the taxpayer was protected from all enforced collection action such

  An advertising business in Pennsylvania hired Timberline for overall protection, account representation, and penalty removal. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately obtained a 60-day hold on enforcement to allow time to gather our client’s financials which allowed us to determine the most appropriate resolution. It was found that the business was assessed

  A self-employed carpet layer from Colorado hired Timberline to protect his personal account from enforced collection action while helping to reduce the liabilities owed. After thorough review of his household and business financials, it was determined that he qualified for an Offer In Compromise to settle his tax liability. The Associate moved forward with

  A non-profit Daycare center in Zephyrhills, Florida hired Timberline to negotiate penalties that had accrued on its account. The entire liability was comprised of solely penalties and associated interest. The Enrolled Agent on the case ensured the taxpayer was protected from enforced collection action while she worked with her client to gather information pertaining

  A safety equipment business in Louisiana hired Timberline Tax Group to help resolve their tax liability issues along with personal representation for possible Trust Fund assessments.  After months of strenuous negotiations with the Revenue Officer, the Associate was able to negotiate a Partial-Pay Installment Agreement of $250.00 per month. This will allow the taxpayer

  An Emergency Transportation Provider in Connecticut hired Timberline to negotiate an affordable resolution for its business liabilities with the Internal Revenue Service. The Revenue Officer assigned to the case had been difficult to communicate with regarding the financial statements for the business, and was seeking a monthly payment of over $6,000.  The Enrolled Agent

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