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Success Stories

  A housekeeping and cleaning referral service located in Puyallup, Washington, hired Timberline to address liabilities with the IRS and the State of Washington. The owner of the business acquired the company from a friend in January of 2016 but was not informed that there was an outstanding tax balance attached to the business. About

  A professional Real Estate Agent in Denver, Colorado hired Timberline Tax to protect her personal accounts while helping to provide a resolution to the tax liabilities. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case first ensured the taxpayer was safe from enforced collection action while the file underwent a financial analysis. Upon review of the

  A couple in North Dakota accrued a $130,000 liability stemming from individual income tax Trust Fund Recovery Penalty assessments.  The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case had negotiated a stay of enforcement action and was working with a Revenue Officer to establish an installment agreement, when the wife was garnished through the automated Federal

  A project management and scheduling software company in Indianapolis hired Timberline Tax Group for protection, advice, and resolution of account with a focus on the penalties accrued. The Enrolled Agent reviewed all account information and found that the client qualified for an abatement of penalties on the Form 941, Federal Withholding Tax Return, for

  A berry farm located in Grandview, Washington hired Timberline to protect the business from enforcement action by the Internal Revenue Service. The Enrolled Agent immediately went into action and determined the business qualified for an abatement of penalties on its Annual Tax Return for Agriculture returns (Form 943). This was subsequently requested and approved

  An owner of a small business in New Hampshire felt threatened by IRS representatives demanding full payment or the closure of his business.  He hired Timberline Tax Group to protect him and to resolve his tax case.  Upon filing IRS Powers of Attorney, the Associate found out the client’s bank account had also been

  An individual who resides in Pomona, New York hired Timberline Tax Group to assist in resolving her $23,000 federal income tax liability. Initially the taxpayer’s representative negotiated a currently not-collectible status with the Internal Revenue Service in order to hold off all Enforced Collection Action against the taxpayer. Once this was completed, it was

  A doctor from New York hired Timberline to handle an outstanding IRS tax liability of over $1.3 million.  At the time Timberline was hired, an aggressive IRS Revenue Officer was trying to place levies on the taxpayer’s bank accounts and pursue other aggressive Enforced Collection Action.  Timberline immediately initiate holds of enforcement and completed

  A small-business owner in Montana hired Timberline Tax Group to resolve his business and personal tax liabilities with the Internal Revenue Service.  Upon opening the case, we noticed that a balance for 2006 would soon expire and that the IRS was likely going to want to collect on that via tax levies, garnishments, or

A non-profit entity located in Kansas hired Timberline for overall protection, account representation, and penalty removal. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately obtained a 60-day hold on enforcement to allow time to gather the client’s financials which allowed us to determine the most appropriate resolution. It was found that the business was assessed

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