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Help For Individuals

While the statistics indicate the chance of an individual being audited in any given year is around 1%, that still resulted in nearly 2 million tax audits in 2014. Timberline represents individuals dealing with State or IRS tax debt and facing one of the situations listed below. As your licensed enrolled agent, we first protect you by intervening on your behalf with the proper tax authority. We then analyze your specific financial situation, establish the proper resolution based on our years of expertise, and present the solution to the appropriate tax agency referencing applicable sections of the tax code.

“Our aggressive and ethical approach to client representation is designed to protect your good name.” Tax Penalties – Tax penalties can drive individuals into bankruptcy. Many taxpayers often find out about tax problems many years after they have occurred. This causes the amount owed to be substantially greater due to tax penalties and interest…sometimes reaching as high as 75% to 100% of the original taxes owed. Compounding these issues are the broad powers the IRS and State tax authorities have in seizing personal assets to pay off outstanding liabilities. Timberline can determine whether you qualify for tax relief through a tax penalty abatement. Plus, as your representative, Timberline can safely negotiate payment terms to fit within your household budget.

Tax Liens – When you discover that you have an IRS or State tax lien, you should take it seriously. Tax Liens can damage your credit and make it difficult to purchase a new car or home. Because a Notice of Federal Tax Lien is a matter of public record, your creditors and anyone you know can learn about your problems with the IRS. Timberline can help you by addressing the underlying cause behind the federal or state tax lien by settling your tax problems for good.

IRS or State Tax Levy – This is a specific action taken by taxing authorities to issue a bank levy to get cash for back taxes directly from your checking or savings accounts. There are often established steps that Timberline can take to reverse bank levies and retrieve part or all the funds taken by the taxing authorities.

IRS wage garnishment –  The IRS has the power to deduct money from your paycheck resulting from unpaid IRS taxes. The is one of the IRS’s most aggressive tax collection mechanisms and should not be taken lightly. There are many ways you can prevent or stop a tax levy. Timberline can evaluate the best method following a review of your unique financial and tax situation. Even if you do not qualify for any of the methods to stop a wage levy there are additional ways to negate its effects.

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