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IRS Audit Reconsideration


A self-employed taxpayer residing in San Jose, California hired Timberline Tax Group for account representation in order to help with resolving his IRS tax liability of $624,825.15. Upon initial discussions, the taxpayer had two years that the Internal Revenue Service placed in an audit and disallowed many claims on the return, causing a large balance due for each year. The Enrolled Agent first worked with the assigned Revenue Officer and negotiated a hold of all Enforced Collection Action on the account while an audit reconsideration was being reviewed. With the balances in active collections, this was imperative to ensure time was available to complete a full review of a possible audit reconsideration. The client provided boxes of documentation of personal and business financial records from the years in question. Every document was reviewed, categorized, and compared against the IRS audit findings to disprove the proposed amounts. With the information submitted and negotiations pending with the Auditor, the collection case was placed on hold indefinitely. This allowed complete focus on the negotiations with the Auditor. After many months, it was determined that Timberline’s findings were correct, and the overall liability was lowered saving the client the full amount of $624,825.15.

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