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Partial-Pay Installment Agreement

A self-employed taxpayer from Jacksonville, FL hired Timberline to help negotiations with the Revenue Officer assigned to their account and aggressively attempting to collect on their tax liability of $253,481.14. The Associate immediately requested a hold on the account while a full account analysis was completed. The review found that the best resolution for the

A taxpayer from Virginia hired Timberline for overall account protection and representation. The client filed some past due returns and submitted payments to become current and compliant while the Associate kept negotiations open with the IRS to ensure the client was protected from enforced collection action. Upon client filing all tax returns, the Associate was

A rehabilitation center located in Texas hired Timberline Tax Group to help protect the business from potential levies on their accounts and provide a resolution to the tax liability. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately contacted the assigned Revenue Officer to discuss the account. A Partial Pay Installment Agreement for $2,895 per month

  A sales consultant out of California hired Timberline Tax Group for overall account management with the Internal Revenue Service. The taxpayer had previously been in an Installment Agreement that had defaulted. The taxpayer had a bankruptcy discharged and explained concern that the Form 1040 Tax Returns for tax years 2007 and 2008 had not

  A storage and distribution service located in Louisiana hired Timberline Tax for protection and account negotiations due to a liability owed to the Internal Revenue Service. The Associate immediately negotiated a hold of enforced collection action while the full account was reviewed to determine the best resolution option for the taxpayer. It was found

  A small-town auto service center located in Holyoke, Massachusetts hired Timberline in hopes of seeing fair resolutions of its $246,400 outstanding federal and state liabilities. The Enrolled Agent was successful with initiating a hold of enforced collection action through the IRS Revenue Officer that was assigned. Working diligently, it was also determined that there

  An auto service center in Columbus, Georgia hired Timberline to be Power of Attorney on the account balance totaling $175,927.  The Enrolled Agent initially determined a threat of enforced collection action and negotiated a sixty day hold to prevent any levy action on the business account. During this time, a full financial analysis was

  A Real Estate Agent residing in Washington, D.C. hired Timberline Tax Group to facilitate release of ongoing commission levies, which were placed on the account for eight months prior to Timberline’s involvement. The Enrolled Agent was able to secure a hold on any additional levy action while negotiations occurred to release the funds and

The standard length of time a taxpayer will be on an IRS Installment Agreement is 6 years (72 months). Negotiating an affordable payment plan can prove to be difficult for the uninformed taxpayer; however, if you know your rights, an affordable agreement can be obtained. IRS Installment Agreement Guidelines: If you cannot full pay a tax

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