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State Levy Release

  An Aircraft sales office located in daycare in Santa Clarita, California hired Timberline to help protect the business and personal accounts from potential levies and provide a resolution to the tax liability owed to the State of California. The Enrolled Agent assigned to the case immediately began contacting the all entities assigned to discuss

  A taxpayer residing in Westminster, Colorado reached out to Timberline regarding his State of Colorado and IRS account issues for individual taxes due, including $4,095.00 to the state and $23,448.00 to the IRS. Once the Enrolled Agent was able to work with the client to obtain full tax return compliance, the liabilities increased to

  A software business located in Illinois hired Timberline for overall account protection with the best possible resolution as it was being intimidated and levied by the State of Illinois Department of Revenue. An improper levy had already been issued against the business and the Enrolled Agent was able to provide proof that there had

  A staffing company in Illinois hired Timberline Tax Group to help protect the business from both the Internal Revenue Service and State of Illinois levy action. The Associate focused on a levy that was issued against the business by the State of Illinois which put a hold on $60,598.81 in the business bank account.

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